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Arielle Kebbel Bareback In “American Pie: Band Camp”

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

No, Unfortunately, she’s not doing that kind of bareback action just yet.  Give her time, and hopefully the Hollywood system will take her over and make her want to get it on in front of the camera a lot more!  What we’ve got here is Arielle Kebbel’s scene from “American Pie: Band Camp“, one of those straight-to-video offshoots of the American Pie trilogy that’s just as raunchy as the originals, if not more so.  And so we have this sequence showing Arielle Krebbel topless.  Only it’s shot from behind, so you can’t see her titties or anything like that.  But you know what?  I still find it smokin’ hot seeing Arielle’s slim, tight body from behind like that.  Just think, that’s your view if you ever do get to do her from behind, right?

Yeah, now you can start strokin’.  And if you want to see the entire clip on video, then click on this link and enjoy!