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Arielle Kebbel In Her Underwear, Plus Doing Lesbian Stuff

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Sure it’s just a naughty kiss with another hottie from one of her movies, but that’s the kind of action we’re looking for from Arielle, and we’re hoping she’ll be doing a lot more of that, don’t we?  The film is called “Dirty Deeds“, and it topbills one of her co-stars from “Gilmore Girls“, Milo Ventigmilia, better known these days as Peter Petrelli (from “Heroes“).  It’s a teen flick, American Pie-style, about ten naughty tasks a bunch of high school kids are out to complete.  And here we see Arielle Kebbel in her underwear, posing very seductively in bed.

Now that scene should be hot enough, but there’s even a bonus of seeing another hottie in the film pucker up her lips and kiss Arielle full on the mouth!  I don’t even know which scene I’d like to forward to first.  But then, if you just want to check out Arielle Kebbel’s raunchy scenes like I do, then just click on that link back there and there’s no need to see the rest of the movie, or even try and find the scene with your remote, because they’ve got the exact sequences you’re looking for right there!