Arielle Kebbel Nude

Now who is Arielle Kebbel, you may ask?  Well, if you’ve come here by accident, then it’s very likely that you aren’t really aware of this hot, young babe, or it may even be that you’ve seen her in the movies but didn’t know who she was.  Yes, she’s in the movies, and that’s where those of us who’re deliberately here probably discovered her, and were left with mouths open, drooling onto the floor and wondering “Wow, who’s that hottie?  I wanna see Arielle Kebbel nude!”

Arielle Krebbel was born in Winter Park, Florida on February 19, 1985, and soon became a veteran of the beauty pageant scene.  She was even first runner-up at the 2002 Miss Teen Florida competition, and aside from joining pageants, once appeared in a public service announcement about date rape.  Arielle’s mom then decided to move to Los Angeles to make her daughter’s entry into show business much easier.  And she was right, because Arielle landed an audition for “Gilmore Girls“.

And that’s how Arielle’s career started out — on the small screen with a very popular TV show.  She auditioned and appeared in guest parts on other TV shows too, aside from her regular stint on “Gilmore Girls”, and then it was time to appear in small roles on the big screen, starting with 2004’s “Soul Plane“.    The following two years were very busy ones for Arielle, with 5 movies out in 2005, which include “American Pie: Band Camp“, the horror film “Reeker“, and “Be Cool“.

The following year, she had even more projects, with 6 films out, and they included her most high-profile roles so far, in hit movies like “The Grudge 2” and “John Tucker Must Die“.  It was also around this period that Arielle started appearing in the annual Hot 100 babes lists of men’s magazines like Maxim.  Her career really blossomed during this time, and every one of us was lusting after her and wishing we could see a really dirty Arielle Kebbel shoot.  She did appear in a Maxim pictorial though, and those sexy images were enough to tide us over.

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